Video and Audio translations

When clients want recorded materials translated, such as audio and video files, there are various methods we can use.

These will produce different levels of accuracy (translation quality), and vary considerably in time and cost.

It’s therefore important we understand what information you require from the recording and how you’re going to use the translation we provide.

We can then choose the most cost-effective and efficient process for your needs.

Here are three common scenarios.

You want to know broadly what the audio/video is about

We will listen to the audio / watch the video, identify the key points and provide a summary or overview. This is fast and low cost.

You only want certain information from the recording

We can identify the relevant sections and provide you with a translation of these, or a summary of what is said. Or you can phrase specific questions we can answer. This is very cost-effective as we’re only working on what you need.

You need a precise and accurate translation of the recording, or part of it

As 100% accuracy is paramount, we need to first transcribe, then translate the relevant parts – see section below. This is much more work, and unavoidably more time consuming and more expensive.

Key features of our video and audio translation services

  • With over 36 years’ experience in translating recorded materials, we can advise you on the best and most cost-effective method for your needs.
  • Our proven processes and experience mean we can meet a wide range of specific requirements.
  • We translate recorded materials in Portuguese and English languages


Like a quote for an audio or video translation?

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