Sworn Translation of Criminal Record/Police Certificate

There are numerous reasons why you might need a certified translation of your Criminal Record Check. The most common are seeking a new employment, application for residency in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Portuguese visa or American green card. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you to get your certified translation of Criminal Record Check smoothly and fast.

Certified Translation of Overseas Criminal Record Check into English

In order to officially use the Criminal Record Check issued in your home country, you will need to obtain a certified/sworn translation.

List of overseas Criminal Record Checks that we translate the most often:

South Africa:

Police Clearance (SAPS)

Certificado de Registo Criminal.


Certificado de Registo Criminal.

(Certificado do Registo Criminal)


(Certificado do Registo Criminal)

Why would I need my criminal record translated?

When moving overseas to seek new professional or personal opportunities, for example beginning a new business venture, entering higher education or applying for a job, a criminal record might be required. This information may be requested when acquiring a visa or by a new employer. In this case, it is vital that you receive a certified translation that will be accepted by the appropriate authorities.

How do I get hold of my criminal record? 

To receive an official copy of your criminal record, you must request a copy from the police or local authorities so check the government website in your country. In Portugal, for example, you can follow this link and request a copy. https://eportugal.gov.pt/en/servicos/pedir-o-certificado-de-registo-criminal-de-pessoas-singulares

How do I get a certified translation? 

After obtaining your record, you can get a certified translation from a sworn translator Click here. The translator should provide a certificate of accuracy and both the translated and original document – both of which are usually required by official authorities.

Some countries may ask for an authenticated or Apostille-certified translation (in countries belonging to the 1961 Hague Convention) which the translation agency should be able to help with, so it is worth checking with the relevant authorities.

Who can help?

It is vital that you choose a professional translator to avoid delays and mishaps when translating a criminal record.  Comissário de Juramentos & Tradutor de Português para Inglês /Inglês Para Português (Commissioner of Oath & Translator of Portuguese into English/English to Portuguese Appointed by The Supreme court local Witwatersrand Division) is here to help and can provide an accurate and reliable translation, as well as authentication and Apostille services