Our Specialist Technical Translation Services

Most technical texts are aimed at specialists, not the lay person. That's why we consider technical translation a specialised field requiring translators with industry knowledge who fully comprehend the texts.

Without that there's a risk they'll mistranslate terms, use wording that isn’t what a technical expert would use, and not get the right writing style used in that field.

This is why we typically use specialist technical translators to translate technical documents.

This is particularly true of engineering, scientific, financial and medical texts.

And equally for legal translations where legal training is needed and for the translation of patent-related materials

That said, some technical document translation won’t necessarily require a specialist technical translator.

For example, some texts are largely non-technical but do contain technical references. If these terms can be sufficiently researched, a non-specialist may be able to translate the text.

This also applies to technical texts in fields that a non-expert can understand. Social sciences, zoology and certain engineering fields are examples of this.

Our blog with guidelines for the types of texts needing a technical translation expert provides further detail.

About our technical translation services

We are industrial and technical experts, in providing translation of technical documents.

Experienced professionals following best practice translation processes.

We work into and from all our main translation languages.

We follow best practice quality assurance processes for all our technical translation work.

Technical translation project times can vary markedly, depending on the field, text length, etc. Our quotes will always give a clear turnaround time, or see our realistic translation times article for general guidelines.

Two levels of quality are available for our technical translations

Quality-assured technical translation

  • Our highest level of quality
  • Includes a second translator review
  • Recommended when 100% accuracy and excellent quality of expression is required

Budget professional technical translations

  • Completed by an experienced, tertiary qualified professional translator
  • No second translator review process
  • Designed for non-critical business documents

Typesetting of technical translations

Translations of technical text often need to be typeset in graphic design programs - typically where the translation is for a brochure, product manual, packaging etc.

We highly recommend clients use us to typeset their translations. This is because a typesetter unfamiliar with the target language or the cultural conventions around fonts and formatting will easily make mistakes.

We have over 36 years in Portuguese into English and English into Portuguese language translation experience

Our experience will ensure your materials are error free, typeset to high professional standard, and generate a positive impact on your target readers.