Highest Quality Business Translation Services

Our high-quality business and corporate translation services have been exceeding client expectations for more than 36 years.

Here's what you'll get when you join our long list of satisfied clients:

Key features of our business and commercial translations

  • we stick like glue to best practice processes and have an unswerving focus on translation quality
  • we can handle all types of documents, materials and files
  • we translate in Portuguese into English and English into Portuguese Languages only
  • your specialist and technical texts will be translated by technical experts
  • our certified business translations are accepted by all South African authorities
  • our expertise in multilingual typesetting and dtp is unrivalled
  • your projects will be handled by business savvy project managers who know what good service means and will look after your interests

And you may need these specialist business and corporate translation services

These are the projects requiring some form of special expertise, either:
- translators with specific technical or sector knowledge,
- know-how around processes and methodologies, or
niche skills and experience.

  1. Technical translations – these require translators with expertise in the field or domain of the text (because if you don't fully understand a text, you can't translate it correctly). Projects also often involve typesetting the translated texts into graphic design artwork.
  2. Legal translations – a legal background is needed to fully understand legal texts, translate concepts correctly and write in suitable legal style.
  3. Patent translations – translators must be trained in the special requirements of patent translations, and texts can deal with highly technical matters requiring translators with specialist technical expertise.
  4. Brochure translations – these often combine technical, legal and marketing text. So, the challenge is translating well across those different styles - different translators may be needed. There are also often space restraints - the translation can only be so long. Most projects will also require a typesetting/dtp component.
  5. Audio and video translations – there are a number of challenges with translating recorded speech, and we use different methodologies depending on how the translation is to be used and the degree of accuracy needed.
  6. Insurance translations – we have processes to hone in on the essential information and disregard the nonessential for certain types of insurance translation. It saves our clients’ money.