Our professional language interpreting services (Portuguese/English)

We’ve been providing high-quality language interpreting services throughout South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique, for over 36 years.

We provide the following professional interpreting services:

Onsite interpreting

Also called in-person or face-to-face interpreting, this is where the speakers and interpreter are together at the same location.

It’s the most effective form of interpretation. That’s because communication isn’t just about words - we also use body language and facial expressions to convey our messages.

By seeing as well as hearing the speaker(s), the interpreter gets all aspects of the communication and so is better able to convey that into the other language.

Which makes for a more complete and accurate interpretation.

Our onsite interpreting service is ideal for situations where:

Complete accuracy is needed, and/or
A more personal approach is wanted - to build trust or rapport or deal with sensitive issues
Onsite language interpreting can be either consecutive or simultaneous. Consecutive interpreting is where one person says something then allows time for that to be interpreted.

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter conveys the message whilst the speaker continues to speak.

Phone interpreting

Here at least one of the participants is in a different location.

The interpreter and one or more speakers may be together, with communication by phone with the other speaker(s). Or all speakers may be together and the interpreter remote.

Phone interpreting is ideal when:

it’s not practical or desirable to bring all parties together in the same location/or
you’d normally communicate by phone rather than in person
It is also called conference call interpreting.

Video interpreting

Here a webcam, video camera or smartphone and computer screen are used to provide a visual as well as audio link between the participants and interpreter.

It provides a more personal interpreting experience than phone interpreting.

Telephone assignments

Our interpreters make phone calls on your behalf, generally either to relay or find out information, or arrange appointments, meetings etc.

Use our professional language interpreting services for these settings

Business settings

Interpreting in business meetings, interviews, negotiations, client visits, accompanying delegations, etc.

Legal settings

Specialist legal and court interpreters: in the Courts and tribunals and for lawyer-client meetings, mediations, affidavits, document discovery/assessment.

Public sector

Police, Customs, MPI, Immigration, etc - interviews, site visits, meetings, document reviews.

Community settings

Interpreters for dealings with private companies, local government and personal circumstances.

About our interpreters

Interpreting isn’t something any bilingual can do.

On the contrary, it’s a demanding profession, requiring a highly specialised skillset that few bilinguals possess.

It takes huge mental processing to interpret speech segments accurately and fluently, under time pressure, one after another, for an extended period.

Interpreters must have the natural aptitude for it, develop advanced language skills, then learn their craft through training and practical experience.

Our interpreters:

have several years of professional interpreting experience
have a track record of successful assignments
are talented! (we know this from client feedback)
are frequently well known and respected members of their local communities
How to book your professionally-trained and experienced interpreter

Option 1: Phone us +27 76 337 0516

We’ll record the assignment details, confirm pricing, and answer any queries you might have. Then we'll book your interpreter and e-mail you confirmation.

Option 2: E-mail us the details:

place, date and time
language(s) required
what the assignment involves, and its expected duration
your contact details
We'll phone you if we need to clarify anything. Otherwise, we'll book your interpreter and e-mail confirmation, with our pricing and terms.

Our interpreter services charges:

Per hour: R1308.77 ($90 USD)
Minimum charge: R2326.71 ($160 USD)

Assignments may also incur parking and mileage costs and for travel outside main centres a travel charge of R727.10 ($50 USD) per hour.

Telephone interpreting:

Per 15 minutes: R436.26 ($30 USD)
Minimum charge: R1163.36 ($80 USD)

Rates stated are subject to GST.