Comissário de Juramentos & Tradutor de Português para Inglês /Inglês Para Português (Commissioner of Oath & Translator of Portuguese into English/English to Portuguese Appointed by The Supreme court local Witwatersrand Division.

Case Number: 96/17623

Also Known As (Public, legal, official or certified translator of a document endorsed by the signature and seal of a Sworn Translator who is authorized by the Foreign Affairs and the South African supreme court to translate official documents).

The most experienced legal translator of Portuguese in Pretoria, He has been Translating Documents for Official or Non-Official Use since the 1980s.

With Over 36 Years of Experience Working with Local and International Companies and Government Institutions as a Portuguese Into English Or English Into Portuguese Translator and Interpreter.

Some of the documents Manuel Cardoso translate includes

  • Financial documents – accounting Standards, bank guarantees, loan agreements, and personal income statements
  • Corporate and economic documents – merger and acquisition statements, memorandum, audit committee reports, and annual reports
  • Technical documents – including engineering documents and equipment manuals and instructions
  • IT sector – including website texts
  • Medical sector – including personal medical statements as well as operational procedures and health insurance submissions

Manuel delivers a fast, professional translation for just about any kind of text to ensure that your message is made understandable to the Portuguese speaking audience. The language combinations in which Manuel work are:

  • Portuguese Portugal (European Portuguese) –English and vice versa
  • Portuguese Angola –English and vice versa
  • Portuguese Mozambique -English and vice versa
  • Portuguese Brazil -English and vice versa

applying knowledge and expertise to a wide variety of texts, including class notes, letters, memos and newsletters, CVs, speeches, news reports and magazine articles, invitations, reports, questionnaires, exam papers, advertisements, brochures, and academic articles. As part of an academic institution, we highly value expertise and quality.
He also offers specialized translation services, such as technical translation, back-translation and the translation of syllabus content.

Technical translation

Texts containing subject-specific terminology and discussions, we are familiar with the technical field and have access to the necessary reference sources. Institutions that regularly make use of this service include University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria, UNISA, TUT, etc.


Back-translation is recommended for texts of which the author wants to ensure that the readers of the translated texts receive the same message and information as the readers of the original texts. Examples of such texts are:

  • Questionnaires (especially for medical research)
  • Brochures for patients
  • Consent forms
  • User manuals

As a sworn translator of the South Africa supreme court, Manuel will issue a letter as proof that back-translation was done and that the translated end product was adapted if this was necessary.

Translation of undergraduate syllabus content

If you are an ex Matie and require an official English version of your undergraduate syllabus content, Manuel is a translator for you, print it on a SU letterhead and stamp and sign the documents. If you require your postgraduate syllabus content, please contact the academic department(s) and/or faculties concerned.

Send an e-mail to Manuel Cardoso ( or Osman Chataika, ( or phone +27 76 337 0516 if you require a quotation for any of these translation services you can also use an online quotation tool, with the exception of syllabus content translations. For assistance with the translation of syllabus content.

Transcription service

Ge a professional transcription service for a wide range of audio recordings. Click here